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Asahi Milk Protein Chocolate
This is a milky protein chocolate provided by Asahi, which not only provides protein for your daily ..
Corn Maru Sweet Corn Snack
This is a tiny light corn snack that comes with a cup package which is convenient to enjoy at all ti..
Dars Crisp Uji Matcha Flavor
Dars is a popular Japanese chocolate brand. They have released bite-sized matcha choclate peices usi..
Demon Slayer Grape Candy
Demon Slayer is one of the hottest anime around the globe. Here comes a grape candy which comes with..
Fujiya Saku Saku Chocolate
This is a chocolate snack with extra crunchy texture and a raspberry flavor...
Hi-Chew Mini: Christmas Pack
Here's a Christmas Pack of Hi-Chew mini. Comes with 9 tiny bags of mini hi-chew, consisting of four ..
Hi-Chew: Premium Double Grapes
Here's a new limited flavor of Hi-Chew released in Japan where premium double grapes are being used...
Hi-Chew: Summer Assorted Fruits
Hi-Chew released a new flavor: Summer Assorted Fruits in order to celebrate this Summer. Try it out!..
Kinoko No Yama: Rich Matcha
Kinoko No Yama, also known as Chocorooms outside Japan, has released a new Japanese flavor! This is ..
Kit Kat Snax: Cheese Soy and Salt Almond
Kit Kat Snax is a chocolate snack which features an extra crunchy texture and a savory taste combine..
Nobel Fanfan Assorted Ramune
This is an assorted ramune/hard candy featuring three different flavors: Peach, Grape and Soda...
Peko x Sanrio Characters Chocolate
Peko Chan is the character from Milky, a candy created by Fujiya. They worked with Sanrio to release..
Pokemon Banana Snack
This is a banana snack featuring Pokemon, try it out...
Sacre Lemon Gummy
This is a fruity and citrusy lemon gummy for this hot Summer...
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