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Calpis Mochi
Calpis, or Calpico as it's known in some places outside of Japan, is a unique dairy drink that is lo..
Choco and Pudding Mochi
Here's a double mochi with a chocolate flavor and a pudding flavor...
Cinnamoroll Mochi Chocolate: Caffe Latte Flavor
Cinnamoroll is here collaborating with popular chocolate Mochi Mochi Chocolat to deliver us this sof..
Disney themed Fresh Mochi
Disney themed raw mochi. It has be cooked before consuming it. Add any seasoning you like AFTER cook..
Doutor Cafe Au Lait Mochi
Doutor is a famous cafe in Japan, and now they just released a mochi snack featuring their cafe au l..
Hershey's Choco Daifuku Mochi
Hershey released a new choco daifuku mochi in Japan, so it combines Hershey's chocolate formula and ..
Hershey's Matcha Choco Daifuku Mochi
Released as a Japan exclusive chocolate matcha series from Hershey's, here we have a pack of special..
Ito Mitarashi Dango Daifuku
Sweet soy sauce slightly glazed dango flaved daifuku! 2 popular Japanese snacks mixed into 1!..
Japanese Fresh Round Mochi
This is raw mochi. It has be cooked before consumption. Add any seasoning you like AFTER cooking it...
Kinako Mochi Snack
Japan has a huge collection when it comes to traditional snacks, or referred as Dagashi in Japanese...
Kinako Powder Kusa Mochi
Kusa Mochi is another common type of mochi you can find in Japan. These are made from mochi and the ..
Kinako Red Bean Mochi
Kinako refers to roasted soy bean powder in Japanese, and here's a red bean mochi wrapped with kinak..
Kirby Sakura Mochi Plushie
The pink puff from Nintendo - Kirby - is here! Here is a plushie inspired by a classic Japanese deli..
Kit Kat: Sakura Mochi Flavor
Enjoy the variety of Kit Kats that Japan has to offer! This special bundle is packed with Kit Kats t..
Kuromitsu Kinako Mochi
Kuromitsu refers to Black Honey while Kinako refers to dry roasted soybean powder in Japanese. Both ..
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