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Calpis Mochi
Calpis, or Calpico as it's known in some places outside of Japan, is a unique dairy drink that is lo..
Chip Star: Sakura Shio Flavor
Chip Star is one of Japan's staple potato chip brands. Here we have a limited flavor in the form of ..
Choco and Pudding Mochi
Here's a double mochi with a chocolate flavor and a pudding flavor...
Doutor Cafe Au Lait Mochi
Doutor is a famous cafe in Japan, and now they just released a mochi snack featuring their cafe au l..
Fuwarinka Soft Candy: Sakura Rose Flavor
To celebrate the season of Sakura, try out this soft candy with an amazing scent of Cherry Blossom a..
Gudetama Custard Chocolate Party Pack
This is a custard chocolate snack featuring Gudetama, everyone's favorite lazy egg character...
Hershey's Choco Daifuku Mochi
Hershey released a new choco daifuku mochi in Japan, so it combines Hershey's chocolate formula and ..
Hi-Chew Premium: Peach
Hi-Chew Premium is a higher end kind of the classic candy, and here we have a variety that is made t..
Hi-Chew: Suppaichuu Sour Lemon
Hi-Chew is a staple candy in Japanese, infusing delicious fruit flavor into a chewy treat. This spec..
Jujutsu Kaisen 56 Piece Puzzle
Jujutsu Kaisen themed 56 piece puzzle, also comes with gum. Get 1 out of 4 different puzzles. Ages 3..
Jujutsu Kaisen Choco Flakes
Jujutsu Kaisen themed Choco Flakes snack!..
Kinako Powder Kusa Mochi
Kusa Mochi is another common type of mochi you can find in Japan. These are made from mochi and the ..
Kit Kat Bites: Rum Raisin
Here's a new size for the Rum Raisin Kit Kat, enjoy the Bites version with its crunchier texture!..
Kit Kat: Cheese Cake Flavor
Kit Kat in Japan is back with another flavor: Cheese Cake flavor! Enjoy the pure combo of cheesecake..
Kit Kat: Citrus Mint
Kit Kat is always coming out with new flavor releases in Japan. This flavor has an excellent balance..
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