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7-11 Premium: Spicy Chili Potato Chips
Here's a pack of potato chips by 7-11 featuring the flavor of umami of chicken, pork, and vegetables..
Aqua Savon Sakura Floral Scented Body Spray
The Aqua Savon is an extremely popular body spray in Japan! It has the floral fragrance of cherry bl..
Asahi Green Tea Brownie
Here's a bran bar snack that features a green tea brownie flavor and creamy texture...
Bitte Matcha Chocolate
Here's a bitter chocolate featuring a matcha flavor...
Black Cat Matcha Tea Set
A Matcha tea set with a black cat drawstring bag! Enjoy making Matcha in your own home with this cut..
Black Friday Sugoi Mart Lucky Bag
Black Friday Sugoi Mart Lucky Bags are now available for a limited time. Each bag is worth $50 and c..
Calbee Full Granola Matcha Milk Cereal
Calbee has their line of granola cereals called Furugura, or Full Granola. Here is a limited flavor ..
Calbee Sakura Season Salt Potato Chips
Here's a pack of potato chips released by Calbee featuring a Spring Sakura packaging and a fresh sal..
Calm Spicy Pork Ear Jerky
A mildly spicy version of the popular Mimiga pig earskin jerky. For those who like the spice but wan..
Calpis Mochi
Calpis, or Calpico as it's known in some places outside of Japan, is a unique dairy drink that is lo..
Choco and Pudding Mochi
Here's a double mochi with a chocolate flavor and a pudding flavor...
Chocolate and Matcha Cake Cookie
A new cookie from the Petite series that permits you to enjoy the taste and aroma of matcha! This co..
Cinnamoroll Sakura Big Plushie
Here's a big Cinnamoroll plushie featuring a Sakura design. Size: 35 x 32 x 21.7 cm...
Colombin Matcha Cupcake
A matcha cupcake using yamecha matcha, which is known as one of Japan's highest-quality teas. The wh..
Country Ma'am: Matcha
Country Ma'am is a famous chocolate cookie snack from Japan. Here is a new matcha flavor...
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