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7-11 Premium Matcha Flavored Baked Chocolate
A new product from one of Japan's most famous convenience stores! Matcha flavored baked chocolate!..
7-11 Premium: Spicy Chili Potato Chips
Here's a pack of potato chips by 7-11 featuring the flavor of umami of chicken, pork, and vegetables..
Afternoon Tea: Milk Tea
Afternoon Tea is a series of teas released by Kirin which caters to the tea lover! Here we have one ..
Animal Crossing Chocolate Egg
Furuta is back with this yummy chocolate egg in collaboration with Nintendo and Animal Crossing. Ins..
Animal Crossing Chocolate Egg Box
Animal Crossing Chocolate Eggs were released in Japan to celebrate the release of Animal Crossing: N..
Asahi Green Tea Brownie
Here's a bran bar snack that features a green tea brownie flavor and creamy texture...
Asahi Milk Protein Chocolate
This is a milky protein chocolate provided by Asahi, which not only provides protein for your daily ..
Baby Star Ramen Snack Ball: Takoyaki Flavor
Here's a crunchy snack with a takoyaki flavor, which is an Octopus Savory Cuisine from the Kansai ar..
Biokura Soy Chips: Sea Lettuce Vinegar
Biokura Sea Lettuce Vinegar flavored Soy chips! Part of the plant based snacks series. Please consum..
Biokura Soy Chips: Vegetable
Biokura Vegetable flavored Soy chips! Part of the plant based snacks series. Please consume immediat..
Biore Cooling Floral Body Wipes
Summer in Japan is extremely hot, and companies in Japan released different types of body wipes. Her..
Blanchul Mini Chocolate Sakura
Spring in Japan means only one thing - cherry blossoms. That means that cherry blossoms aka sakura f..
Body Mainte Sports Drink
Here's a sports drink that provides you with electrolytes and lactic acid bacteria...
Calbee Double Miino Board Bean Snack
Miino is a famous snack with the flavor and shape of a board bean. This is a healthy substitute for ..
Calbee Potato Chips: Nozawana Flavor
Calbee is Japan's most well known potato chips manufacturer. They launched their new flavors to pro..
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